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The text, "One of the freshest, most heartfelt romances of the year." - Entertainment Weekly is written in black over a pale pink background. From left to right are the illustrated covers of the Bergman Brothers novels, Only When It's Us, Always Only You, Ever After Always, With you Forever, and Everything for You.

Praise for Chloe's Writing




"Joyfully sexy, often funny, and wonderfully complex."

Publishers Weekly

"Chloe Liese crafts a wry and heartfelt romance."

- Entertainment Weekly

"Quirky and delicious romance. I could curl up in Liese's writing for days, I love it so."

- Helen Hoang, New York Times Bestseller

Coming 11.22.2022

The cover of Chloe Liese's “Two Wrongs Make a Right” features the title in white script against a background that is tomato red with abstract gold and orange autumn leaves hanging off brown branches. In the foreground are Jamie & Bea, clutching each other in a romantic, windswept embrace. Bea, on the left, is a shoulder-length brunette with pale skin and blue-green eyes, her right arm sporting a sleeve of tattoos comprised of flowers and vines woven among three bluebirds, a palette and brush, a camera, and an open book. She wears a yellow dress and stares up wistfully at Jamie. Jamie, taller than Bea, with light skin, dark blond hair, hazel eyes, and round tortoiseshell glasses, wears a white button up beneath a royal blue v-neck sweater, his arms wrapped around Bea as he looks down at her tenderly. In small script to the left is an endorsement that reads: "Prepare to be completely swept away." - New York Times Bestselling author, Helen Hoang

Two Wrongs Make a Right


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