Bergman Brothers Series

Bergman Brothers series book covers by Chloe Liese

The Bergman Brothers novels are standalone contemporary romances about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after. Set on the sunny West Coast, these slow-burn romances pack a punch of heat and heartfelt emotion as much as laugh-out-loud humor.

Please scroll down for an update and details on Book 1, ONLY WHEN IT'S US' recent revision and republication!


Only When It's Us Revision, Expansion, and Republication Note, August 21, 2021: Spoilers ahead!

Since beginning my author journey, I have grown in my knowledge of how best to write authentic representation. Where I am as an author now is not where I began. When I learned that aspects of the late-deafened representation in Bergman Book 1, Only When It's Us fell short of the standard for authenticity that I strive for, I wanted to correct that through critique and resolution of its inaccuracies. Facing contractual obligations that I worried might prevent this, I pursued the help of my professional support system and we found a way to achieve what I’d hoped.

Only When It's Us now reflects the consideration and authenticity I aspire to in all the books I write. While no one character, let alone living person’s, experience represents the totality of a disability, this story’s portrayal is now informed by a Deaf authenticity reader whose experience of being late-deafened echoes my character’s, someone who saw value in Willa and Ryder’s story and who diligently consulted with me to make this book its better self.

What’s Changed:

Throughout the book, revisions were focused on subtle but impactful shifts in:

  • accuracy of how conversations take place between Ryder and others (less lip-reading until combined with hearing augmentation via hearing aids, more texting-based conversations, a bit more ASL).
  • representation of better accessibility measures in the learning environment, including live captioning during classroom lectures.
  • how Ryder frames his relationship to being late-deafened, how he describes using and adjusting his hearing aids, his relationship to the complexity of that process.
  • consideration, respect, and inclusivity/accessibility efforts made by those around Ryder.


All of this was informed by my authenticity reader who both critiqued the original version of the story as well as my interpretation of her feedback. The result is a plot that is virtually the same but for two revisions:

  • the use of cochlear implants (CIs) is no longer included. This is not a commentary on CIs but rather a choice to focus on the experience of my authenticity reader and her ability to offer me guidance on accurate, nuanced representation of hearing aids. (Significant change to Chapter 19, then subtle changes from there to end).
  • Ryder’s initial interaction with Willa’s mother demonstrates clear respect of bodily autonomy, incorporation of accessibility tools, and mutually comfortable communication (Chapter 20).


Beyond Book 1, Only When It's Us, the only other impact of these changes bears out in Chapters 1 and 3 of Bergman Book 2, Always Only You, in which brief mention of CIs is now removed.

Only When It's Us has been revised, expanded, and republished in both ebook and paperback formats. The updated text includes a note titled, “Revised and Expanded 2021 Edition,” so you can ensure you are reading the latest and finalized version. If you’ve purchased a digital copy of the earlier version, originally published April 1, 2020, you should soon have the option to update your copy* and the front matter should include a note that looks like this (for screen readers, alt text describes this image's words):

This is a note that explains the details of the Revised and Expanded 2021 Edition. It reads: As of August 21, 2021, this title has been revised, expanded, and republished to improve representational authenticity and content quality. Please note that while an audiobook recording of this edition is in production, it is not yet complete; until it is republished as well, the current audiobook reflects the previous 2020 edition and there will be discrepancies.

Because this book is being fully re-recorded for audio, this updated version will have discrepancies with the audio until the new audiobook is published, which I will be sure to announce via social media. While I regret that delay, it was important to me to republish the book in whatever formats were available as soon as possible.

I am unendingly thankful to the community of readers who value authentic representation and have supported my growth as a writer, whose hearts have welcomed my Bergman books, and who love romance for the reason I do: to savor the joy of love in all its forms, to celebrate the gift of intimacy, and to affirm that we are all worthy of loving belonging, just as we are.





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